Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cambodia / Laos

A small sorry about our rushed update on Indonesia, the weather has been to good to be playing on computers.

Indonesian Scam "Warning" look out for dodgy calculators - After exchanging $600 US into Rupee and returning to our hotel to pay for our flights to BKK did we realize we had been ripped off. With our guns blazing we headed back to demand our money back, not before making a plan.

We realized they had worked with the calculator to short change us as Nico had double checked their calculation with their calculator, so our plan was for Danielle to enter all sweetly and ask for a receipt (yes we know we forgot to ask), first they were surprised to see her (of course) not being angry, while fluffing around trying to workout what they were going to write on the receipt she took their calculator - enter Nic who is fuming as has just seen the exchange rate out the front of their office change from 9.400 to 8.500 (amazing how it can drop in just a half an hour).

To cut along story short, they were very clever but stupid as they did not expect us to return to steal their calculator and demand our money back - NOW !!!

After Indonesia we made our way up to Bangkok were we spent a couple of days fighting with the Koh San Rd Nightname while arranging a few visas including Cambodia.

Finally arriving at the border of Cambodia after a high speed train ride (yeah sure 15km ph) Danielle was greeted as a queen by a group of young girls offering scarves and shade by umbrellas only to realize too late her little servants had stolen her wallet (not to worry only 30 Baht)

From the border a 10 hour tough bus ride (due to we believe a particular airline paying a particular government NOT to pave the road) bought us to Si em Reap were we spent a couple of days riding our bikes around the Amazing Anchor Temples.

Phom Phen was our next destination where learning about Pol Pot and the Rhmer rouge and it's 2 million victims (less than 20 years ago) reminds us the short memory of the human being.

Then we made our way east to San Monorom (Mulkuri) where the bight redness of the roads contradicts the sharp green of the lush jungle. A beautiful region of waterfalls, elephants and tribes..

Next we crossed to Laos and spent a few days on Don Khong Island relaxing in hammocks over looking The Mekong. We continue our way up stopping in Tad lo where there are many waters falls (and dodgy bridges) and has a good reputation for their coffee.

An unexpected 21 hour grueling bus ride delivered us to the friendly capital of Laos Vientiane.

Stay tune for the next episode !


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